How To Stay Sober After Rehab after-rehab

Moving From Rehab To Typical Life

It takes commitment for a person to completely stop the use of drugs in their lives if they have been addicts. Creation of novel leisure activities and establishment of targets help maintain abstinence.

It is easier to stay clean in a rehab centre because the environment is controlled, devoid of any factors that had earlier pushed toward addiction.

Provision of opportunities of restoration and survival and a strong background of safety are provided by rehabilitation that keeps one going while at home.

It may be demanding to adapt to living in abstinence outside the centre even when leaving the centre is interesting.

The best way to prevent relapse is by recognizing the triggers that might tempt you. Abstinence maintenance is made less difficult by this fact.

Managing Urges And Triggers Post Rehabilitation

It is usually challenging to change surroundings from the rehabilitation centre back to staying at home.

One constantly gets more desires to use the drugs after they have left rehab.

You will have to go back to the past environment where you used to be an addict and this is what gives you the desire to go back to the drugs or alcohol.

There are a few methods by which you can avoid or manage these temptations in your everyday life after the rehab such as

  • Finding A Solid Support System
  • Hang out with clean people and your loved ones who are willing to lend you a helping hand in your effort to stay clean.
  • You can also join the groups in your locality.
  • Refresh Your Crowd and Everyday Surroundings
  • Seek the help from friends or families to ensure that your home is sterilized from things that would remind or trigger your addiction tendencies.
  • Don't go near places which make you want to use the addicted substance again.
  • Plans For Your Life
  • Some support the idea that setting objectives or new plans for the future could help you become stronger in resisting urges or temptations.
  • It makes sticking to abstinence simpler if there is a deep understanding of the advantages and good effects of being abstinent.
  • Don't Miss Group Or Personal Therapy Sessions
  • In case you are supposed to meet your physician or counsellor, ensure you don't miss them.
  • The temptation to skip the meetings or beginning to feel that you can handle matters yourselves will certainly be there, but it will be easier to keep away or manage temptations when you receive health and support from the professionals who guided you in the first place.
  • Always be grateful for how far you have come in your recovery journey.
  • Make sure that you are grateful for your life and recognize the efforts you have made to become clean.
  • Maintain a personal journal in which each day write five things that made you happy.
  • Change Your Lifestyle For The Better
  • To develop new habits so that you start doing them automatically takes more than 60 days, and therefore you should make efforts to stick with new positive changes you introduce into your life.

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Taking Part In Clean Activities Instead Of Using

It is critical that you replace your old habits with new positive habits, which will be helpful during the recovery.

Clean activities can be a lot of fun too and you don't need drugs to enjoy a good time.

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Listed are suggested activities that keep the boredom and negativity at bay

  • Physical fitness activities
  • Mind reflections
  • Involvement in athletics
  • Reading
  • Artistry place visitation
  • Pursuing a degree or going back to school
  • Studying a new language
  • Plant a garden
  • Volunteering for community work

Enlist In Community Support Services

It will not be difficult for you to find positive outlets that can provide community and support during your life after the rehab regardless of where you are living. Surround yourselves with these encouraging individuals by joining a support group, attending sessions of counselling and participating in activities, which allow you to meet other people.

There are also several avenues providing continuous care and support, like one-to-one therapy and 12-steps meetings.

Can You Keep Sober When In The Presence Of Alcohol Or Drugs

Those that are freshly out of rehab should totally run from enticing atmosphere because they do not have strong resolutions like those that have achieved abstinence for quite sometimes. It will be difficult for newcomers completely to stop thinking about their old habits and therefore, the problem of resisting a temptation can be challenging.

With that said, if you know that you'll be in a situation where people around you might be drinking and some might even offer you one, you can use a time-tested strategy to overcome temptation.

Social gatherings are tempting places but you can overcome it in the following ways

  • Keep yourself accompanied with a trusted confidant.
  • Drink beverages free of alcohol and keep a glass of such a drink in your hand all the time.
  • Minimise the time you spend within the party by arriving late or leaving early.
  • At the slightest sign of urge to drink or use, exit the vicinity.

The Benefits Of Getting And Staying Off The Alcohol And Drugs

Better state of the circulatory and hepatic systems, abundance of energy, and ability to rest well are some of the numerous health merits. However, more than your health are other important things that contribute to your well-being as a person. Other benefits of staying sober

  • Make new, clean friends
  • Having new investments
  • Excitement for life and mental clarity which is enhanced
  • Extra energy to indulge in activities which you enjoy
  • Looking and feeling better
  • Being a mentor for people that are also trying to stop the use of drugs

Of all the battles you might fight, overcoming alcohol or substances abuse might be the most difficult. The process will not be fast or seamless, and it is a lifelong commitment. Overpowering situations that are challenging reveals power that you never knew you have when you fight for abstinence.

You need every ounce of strength and positivity in completing this quest to total recovery. Keep your focus on the ultimate prize of sobriety no matter what is thrown your way.